Colorado Dance Studio Uses Parking Revenue to Help Pay for Renovations

Cherry Creek Dance is a dance studio based in the busy Cherry Creek shopping district in Denver, CO. From 3:30pm to 8pm Cherry Creek Dance teaches dance classes to children in the area looking to make friends and learn different styles of dance.

The building is located at the corner of 3rd Ave and Clayton St in Denver, by popular restaurants such as the Cherry Cricket and Aviano Coffee. Parking in the area is predominately metered and hard to find, and before dance class started at 3:30pm, their 40 space parking lot and garage sat empty. "Our lot sat empty for the most part during the day, or we had a few monthly renters outside of that," Ashlee Lane with CCD said.

With the lot being in such a popular area, shoppers started parking in the Cherry Creek Dance parking lot right next to their favorite destinations. After a while, the staff at CCD started writing warnings to people parking illegally. They even considered setting up a parking gate and parking machine but decided against it due to the astronomical cost of a setup.

AirGarage, which was founded in 2017 to help businesses large and small monetize their parking without a lease or capital investment, reached out to Cherry Creek Dance to see if a no cost option for parking management could help increase the potential of the CCD parking lot.

"At first, I was worried that it would be too complicated or too much work for the parents of our dancers coming in, but since AirGarage had no upfront or out of pocket costs, easy to use software, and the potential for income in the lot, we decided to give it a try. Now we are actually making money on our empty spots when we aren’t using them!"

At $2 an hour, Cherry Creek Dance is now making extra revenue every month from a parking lot that sat empty for the first half of the day.

What are they using that money for now?

"We have been able to put the revenue we get from parking towards renovations inside the building as well as extra revenue through COVID."

Getting set up with AirGarage is easy. Whether you already have a parking management system, or are looking to get a better handle on your parking situation, partnering with AirGarage will not only add revenue to your bottom line, but it also is an easy way to make your parking lot work for you and provide extra cash towards building improvement and emergency funds during difficult times.

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