Los Angeles Area Church Makes $3,000 Per Month Selling Parking During COVID

The spring of 2020 has been one of the toughest financial quarters since the Great Depression. Besides telecom, bankruptcy law, and Amazon, nearly every business and institution has seen a decrease in capital gains. As our local businesses boarded up for the unknown and our hospital staff worked overtime, local nonprofits and churches kept their resources available; giving where they could, continuously helping as they can. One church in particular that exemplified this grace was First Lutheran of Culver City.

Let’s rewind back to January 2020: the majority of businesses and people were healthy, demand for services, goods, and parking was high, and First Lutheran believed their parking lot was a good net to capitalize off the local demand as there was a general lack of parking availability in the immediate area. Although they knew selling parking was a viable option to increase funds for their philanthropic initiatives, they didn’t have a parking machine, parking attendant, or even parking system to monetize their available spaces.

AirGarage, which was founded in 2017 to help businesses large and small monetize their parking without a lease or capital investment, was the perfect solution to assist the church in their venture. AirGarage was the right partner and solution because there is no parking machine, parking attendant, or parking gate required. The parking system uses software, as a modern company should, to help eliminate costs for property owners looking to increase their cash reserves. Cathy Wait of First Lutheran said, “With AirGarage, our church is now making $3,000 every month, giving us the ability to help the community navigate a post COVID world without worrying about tithing from our congregation.”  

Because AirGarage’s parking system provides users the ability to manage and monetize without worrying about enforcement, which is handled by AirGarage pro bono, property managers are able to sell parking when it works for them and save spaces when they need to. This also allows managers to monetize their parking in new and creative ways. For example, AirGarage’s massive insurance policy protects property managers from potential liability, meaning things like drive-in movies, cloud groceries, and JV partnerships are all new possibilities that wouldn’t otherwise be likely.

The partnership between AirGarage and its clients is one that Cathy summarized as “instrumental in helping us achieve our financial goals.” Whether you’re reading this and you already own a parking machine, or you’re thinking of implementing a parking system for the first time, partnering with AirGarage will not only add revenue to your bottom line, but it will also open doors to new opportunities both financially and internally as an entity.


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