Aiyman Hadi joins AirGarage as Head of Growth Marketing

We’re excited to have Aiyman join AirGarage as our first growth marketing hire!


Aiyman's extensive work in ad networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, and fintech has given him the opportunity to build products and market them to a wide variety of personas. 

Through this work, he developed a deep passion for scaling marketing programs from the ground up while working hand-in-hand with sales teams early in his career. 

Over the course of his 10 year career working at various startups and tech companies in Silicon Valley, Aiyman has primarily focused on working with product, engineering, and sales teams to create 11-star customer experiences from the point a customer first discovers a product all the way through their lifetime use of it.

What Led Aiyman to AirGarage?

When choosing what up and coming tech companies he wanted to work at, Aiyman knew one thing to be true: the team he was going to be working with day to day mattered more than anything else.

After meeting the AirGarage founders and team, he knew it was the perfect opportunity to work with a dynamic team that executes quickly on new initiatives and doesn’t get stuck in the past.

“The icing on the cake was the opportunity to deliver a world-class product to a woefully underserved community of real estate owners and drastically improve their lives in the process,” Aiyman said about joining. 

AirGarage has quickly grown from a small “dorm-room” startup to become the fastest growing parking operator in the United States and its technology has already facilitated over 1 million parking sessions for drivers across the country.

About AirGarage

AirGarage is a parking operator built for the 21st century -- handling everything from property management, advertising, payment collection, and more.

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